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UHF Woven Textile RFID Laundry Tag

  • Model No: XY001
  • Material: Textile
  • Frequency: 860~960 MHz(can customize frequency)
  • MOQ: 100pcs
  • Price: $0.12-0.6/Piece
  • Terms of payment: Western Union,TT,paypal

UHF Woven Textile RFID Laundry Tag

Product details

rfid laundry tag

Application rfid laundry tag


 EPC Class1 Gen2; ISO18000‐6C


UHF 860~960 MHz (Can customize frequency)


Impinj Monza R6P, NXP Ucode 7M

IC Available  Alien H3,other upon request
Size:  50*16mm, 85*15mm70*10mm70*15mm
Reading Distance: Up to 4 meters (ERP=2W)

Up to 2 meters ( With ATID AT880 handheld reader)

Material: Textile
Operating Temperature  1) Washing: 90℃(194οF), 15 minutes, 200 cysle

2) Pre‐drying in Tumbler: 180℃(320οF), 30minutes

3) Ironer: 180℃(356οF), 10 seconds, 200 cycles

 4)Sterilization Process: 135℃(275οF), 20 minutes

This passive RFID laundry tag is ideal for laundry applications, supply chain management, inventory control, asset tracking, and process control. The RFID laundry tag meets the extreme demands of rotary ironing and other requirements in terms of heat, pressure and chemical resistance as needed in applications of contactless tracking of garments in the textile rental and laundry industries. It can be fixed onto any fabric using a regular heat sealing machine. Encapsulated within a flexible textile with a tiny contactless chip module inside, the tag offers good resistance to high temperatures and harsh conditions of various cleaning methods such as the dry cleaning processes.

Competitive Advantage
1.      Waterproof IP 68 (condition: water pressure 45bar, 10h)
2.      Simultaneous Identification of Tags: Up to 50 tags per second
3.      Data retention time at +55ºC: > 10 years
4.      100, 000 times reading & writing
5.      Exceptional temperature and harsh environmental performance

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size rfid laundry tag

rfid laundry tag7

Uhf Rfid Laundry Tag, Waterproof Button Washable Rfid Textile Tag for Laundry Management


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