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Waterproof RFID wristband

07 Jul 2021

One of our US customer meet us in the fair 2014, when he went to our booth , he  is very interested in the Long range reading distance Waterproof RFID wristband and love the design and is satisfied with our RFID wristband's quality ,and he feedbacks to us that he never sells this products before. During the conversation ,he said this is the product that mostly impressed him during this canton fair, then we invited him to visit our factory. After visiting our factory ,he was very satified with our production capacity and machine ,especially the quality control: each product will have serveral testing before shipment. Finally he took the sample of it.

After he came back to US, placed the order of 2000pcs to sell it for waterpark. 

Now he need the waterproof rfid wristband each month from Apr to September. He is very friendly and we have a good relationship, now he has introduced one customer to us.


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