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Management Training

07 Jul 2017

Last weekend, our company manangers came to JinJiang for a management training.


Before the training, they get to know us one by one.  Interviews, personality assessments, and informal conversations are 

all in the set of tools use to learn what our managers and corporate culture are like.  It’s a vital step. They re ready to begin 

using these seven training modules:

Management style – understanding your style and the management culture of your organization
The power of communication – how to be an effective, powerful and believable communicator
Mentoring and coaching – your role in bringing out the best in others
The building blocks of high performing teams – managing teams for sustainable high performance
Conflict – understanding the science and art of conflict management
Planning and metrics – the fundamental role that planning plays in the work of the manager

Performance management – a tool to bring out the best in the individual and the organization



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