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volunteer service activities

11 Mar 2017

On the afternoon of March 1, the staff of the Jungle Wolf Technology Co., Ltd. carried the anti-lost smart yellow bracelet designed for the elderly to come to the old community and participated in volunteer service activities.
Volunteers at the scene to the old people introduced the function and use of yellow bracelet.

volunteer service activities1

volunteer service activities2

The yellow hand ring is made of yellow silicone, the shape resembles the watch, with the waterproof function, the middle of the bracelet "information storage deduction" can be put into the note, the family can the old name, home address, family contact information and other basic information Written on paper, into the yellow bracelet, no matter where the elderly lost, according to the yellow hand ring of information to contact their families, to help home.

volunteer service activities3

In the understanding of the smart "yellow bracelet" "special" function, the old people have come to receive in the field of volunteers with the help of the elderly to wear this to prevent the loss of yellow bracelet.
In the growth of their own strength at the same time, the heart of society, care for the elderly, the jungle wolf is undoubtedly a lot of enterprises to establish a responsibility benchmark for this courage to assume the corporate responsibility of corporate culture, has become a full of love landscape.
When faced with the elderly wearing a yellow bracelet, please promptly lend a helping hand.

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