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Application of RFID wristbands in exhibition and conference

19 May 2017

There are two uses of RFID wristbands in events or exhibitions, for the visitor/audience and work stuff. Work stuff identifications include exhibitor, stuff in exhibition hall, stuff in organizing committee and temporally entry certificate. These tags create better experience for exhibition participant quick process of data collection from work stuff and visitors.
Below is the application process.
1) registration
Like most exhibition, visitors register before entry by filling in information collecting sheet or handing in business name card. RFID wristbands data information will be printed and analyzed. At the meantime visitors can register on internet.
2) receive bracelet
Data addressing stuff read and write collected data to RFID wristbands with information such as participants’ name, company.
3) entry
Participant wear RFID wristbands and walk through entry, rfid reader or rfid portal gate will identify the RFID wristbands and collect data by its own. If the RFID wristbands is invalid, overdue or over entry limits system will trigger alarm.

4) For potential customers after RFID wristbands activated

exhibitors can collect data from RFID wristbands by handheld rfid reader. Even after exhibition, exhibitor can pull out, analyze and print data of participants’ information, visit history.

5) exit
When exiting hall through rfid portal gate, rfid reader will identify information of whoever wear RFID wristbands. Alarm will be triggered if RFID wristbands is invalid. This will help counting up participants’ amount in hall and visitors’ visiting time in hall.
6) RFID wristbands recycle

For environment friendly purpose, visitors can left rfid bracelet in recycle boxes or take away as souvenir.

RFID wristbands

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