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Four application for NFC

21 Oct 2017
With more and more convenient development of NFC, the NFC that belonging to the high frequency can achieve four function as below: 

In fact, from the current "Internet of things", "big data" and other trends of view, NFC can achieve a lot. 

1. To enter the subway or bus, shopping mall by NFC smart phones, and pay the cost. 
2. By touching NFC sticker to get information, add to the shopping basket, get coupons and other new uses. It will have a greater impact on the new retail industry. 
3. Users can get information on products or services by sweeping NFC posters, advertisements, billboards or movie posters. 

4. NFC can also be used as a short-range technology, When several devices are very close, files and other content can be passed on these devices.


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