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High Frequency Ear Tags

15 Nov 2017
In the farming management, animal identifications and tracking using high frequency ear tags are very crucial for cattleman to manage the animals. And new generation high frequency ear tags play a big role in fulfill efficient, secure and modern livestock management. With RFID technology, these high frequency ear tags can implement accurate animal identification and fast tracking. Namely, these high frequency ear tags hoist capability of livestock tracking to a large extent.

According to the network, animal tracking system integration and database technology, high frequency ear tags can provide the information to be processed and help users achieve the animal tracking process. With special and robust design, high frequency ear tags are extremely helpful to enhance the efficiency of animal tracking, such as sheep, cattle and pigs tracking. With unique chip, each high frequency ear tag has strong ability of identification and allows the cattle industry to implement full animal movement control. By scanning every high frequency ear tag attaching to every cattle, the information of livestock can be transferred to internet and help to fulfill the automatic identification management. On account of suitable reading range, the high frequency ear tags accelerate the speed of recording-keeping, reduce the paperwork and eliminate the recording reiteration and errors.

High Frequency ear tags

Besides, due to the pinpoint identification, high frequency ear tags can make people easily know the source of poultry, realize the poultry tracking, improve the transparency of food supply chain, and finally escort human food security. In the other words, serving as high-tech tool to track animal diseases and entering into a secure database of animal at the point of sale, high frequency ear tags bring more margins to the ranchers. In a word, our high frequency ear tags help cattlemen establish identification program for cost-effective animal management.
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