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RFID Key Fob

15 Nov 2017
As one of the important achievements of RFID technology innovation, the RFID Key Fob has outstanding performance in all aspects. 

On one hand, this RFID Key Fob is customized with T5577 chip which is a multi-functional chip. With this chip, users can set different access modes. In addition, the T5577 chip has high protection performance and is cost-effective. 

RFID key fobs

On the other hand, the RFID Key Fob is made of ABS. ABS key tag is more resistant to drop impact and hence the chip is well protected. Its material makes it a perfect choice for residential areas. Furthermore, this RFID Key Fob is available for customized color and OEM logo printing. Users can order different colors and logos to distinguish people in buildings. In the meantime, the RFID Key Fob is not only suitable for shared access control system but also for individual home access, for instance, personal house door entry, lock set, and car keys.
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