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RFID Keyfob makes life more convenient

20 Apr 2017
Compared to common IC card, the smaller, flexible and easy-taking is the biggest advantage for the RFID key fob. Meanwhile, the second is the ability to resist compression. As we know, common IC card is easy to collapse damage. But RFID keyfobs with its own flexible type to avoid from this happened in damage caused by the moment.

RFID keyfob because of its independence, there is no more than one card placed together when the shortcomings of mutual interference. So people use them more comfortable and convenient. 

In addition, the RFID keyfob also has a strong waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion characteristics. 

Today, the RFID keyfob type has become increasingly popular, people are keen to customize the unique keyfob in order to show their lifestyle and attitude towards life. 

Also, it is understood that 80% of IC card heavy users are prepared to put a lot of IC card replace with key ring. 

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