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RFID ear tag

10 Apr 2017

Our company has newly come out with a latest RFID ear tag for animal management. Available in LF or HF frequency, this RFID animal tag is ideal for applications of tracking animals on large area - sheep, pigs, cattle and the like. 
The housing material of this animal tag is made of polyurethane which is used in healthcare and not easy for bacteria to grow. Thus, this animal tag makes it play an important role in reducing the chances of livestock infection during the system building period. What’s more, since each animal ear tag has its unique ID number, livestock owners can easily get animal’s information, such as feeding, location, vaccination, etc. 
This RFID tag for animals can operate over the temperature from -25 Celsius degree to 55 Celsius degree, which well adapts it to any practical environment. Beside, this animal tag is compliant with including Hitag-S, EM4100, I-CODE, TK4100, etc. 
This RFID animal tag provides an easy and convenient means for animal identification and management, as well as scientific testing.

Waterproof rfid animal tag

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