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RFID key fob

05 Jul 2017
Nowadays, RFID Key Fob have been widely applied into access management applications because of the rapid growth of economy and society. In this complicated world, security has aroused more and more public attention, which requires high-tech tools (like RFID Key Fob) to intensify protection. 

Rfid key fob

Thanks to the advanced RFID technology, RFID Key Fob series own high quality and excellent performance in the process of access management applications, RFID Key Fob is produced with unique ID numbers and available for LF (125KHz) or HF (13.56MHz). And compliant with ISO 15693 protocols, we also supports the available OEM, which means that Crystal RFID Key Fob tags can be customized according to customers’ requirements, including colors, printing, numbering and so forth.

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