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RFID laundry tag

09 Oct 2017

When it comes to Popular RFID Laundry Button Tag, it absolutely stands out in the RFID laundry industry. Working at the frequency of 125 KHz or 13.56 MHz, Popular RFID Laundry Button Tag can be made of various materials like nylon, polyester, pps and epoxy, which is customized by users. When operating at 13.56 MHz, it can be detected within the distance of 5 ~ 30cm. Furthermore, Popular RFID Laundry Button Tag is working at a high identification rate that up to 50 tags can be read per second, which enhances the efficiency so as to shorten the operation time greatly. In addition to its brilliant reading range and speed, Popular RFID Laundry Button Tag, adopting the latest RFID technology, is waterproof with the advantage of anti-pollution and safety, which effectively increases its durability for reusability to a large extent. Besides, it can resist the harsh environment since its operating temperature is from -25 to +120 Degrees Celsius. According to the requirements of customers, Popular RFID Laundry Button Tag can be affixed by sewing and gluing. Therefore, it can work properly during the cleaning process by being tied on the clothing tightly.
To sum up, with the help of Popular RFID Laundry Button Tag it can streamline the procedure of items tracking and improve the transparency in laundry management. 

rfid laundry tag

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