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RFID linen tags

17 Nov 2017

Washing company Hotel, hospital, baths and professional faces have to deal with tens of thousands of pieces of work clothes and linens every transfer, washing, ironing, sorting, storage and other processes, how to effectively track the management of every piece of linen in the washing process, washing times, inventory status and effective classification of linen is a great challenge. 

We has announced a kind of RIFD linen tags for hotel laundry management, which is beneficial to the enterprises and individuals. Based on the excellent technology, with the participation of intellectuals, we are very strict in its products to guarantee them with high quality. Please allow us to our model UHF linen tag as below:

Chip model: NXP U CODE 7
Material: high temperature washing cloth
Product size: 18 X 87 X 0.7mm/20X60X0.7mm
Accessories bag size: 30 x 95 x 0.05mm

ISO/IEC18000-6C(EPC Gen2)
Global unique ID recognition
Wash resistant, high temperature of 200 c (5 minutes)
100000 cycle read and write test
Multiple tags can be read at the same time
Can be recycled 200 times in the washing environment

The label of soft thin, through a small bag or 
sewn directly in the management of textiles, 
sewing location easy to find at.

Tags can be used for rapid thermal sealing to solve problems that have been used in textile processing,Quick and convenient.

In short, RIFD linen Tags For Hotel Laundry Management has been thought much highly with its productive and creative function. It saves worry for the enterprises with high quality and best performance. We has already accumulated rich experiences and increased its ability to manufacture so many kinds of extraordinary products.


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