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RFID smart label

12 Jul 2017

With the gradual maturity of RFID technology,13.56MHz HF Smart Label have also played the significant role in various application fields, especially in library management and document control. Currently, a great deal of evidence has indicated that13.56MHz HF Smart Label can breezily address the traditional issues existing in library and document management, such as low efficiency and hysteretic administration. What’s more, applying the 13.56MHz HF Smart Label in these fields can thoroughly change people’s perceptions to library management and document control.

Jungle Wolf Technology Co.,Ltd adopts the cutting-edge RFID technology and produces in bulk in its own factory, all of which make these newly released13.56MHz HF Smart Label with high quality, excellent performance and low cost. Based on 13.56MHz operating frequency, this13.56MHz HF Smart Label is compliant with ISO 14443 & ISO 15693 protocols. With paper material and 3M Glue adhesive on its back, users can easily stick the 13.56MHz HF Smart Label on books or documents yet hard to fall. Besides, its short reading distance ranging from 2cm to 10cm ensures that this kind of 13.56MHz HF Smart Label can identify and track books and documents accurately, safely and quickly. Moreover, according to the requirements of customers, the customized logo can be printed on the 13.56MHz HF Smart Label.

Using the 13.56MHz HF Smart Label into modern libraries and organizations, managers have achieved lots of benefits. For example, non-contact data collection of the smart 13.56MHz HF Smart Label curtails the operational links and improves the working efficiency, which is conductive to realizing the dynamic management. Furthermore, the large capacity and fast reading of 13.56MHz HF Smart Label can accelerate the process of books or documents identification and tracking. 

smart rfid label

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