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RFID sticker

13 Nov 2017
Recently,  RFID has produced a kind of 13.56MHz HF Smart RFID Sticker which can obviously improve the speed of searching books in library. RFID which has exported a quantity of productions to the major regions of the world and benefited millions of people is the leading RFID manufacturer with top technique and years of experiences.

As one of the important achievements of RFID technology innovation, 13.56MHz HF Smart RFID Sticker has outstanding performance in all aspects. First of all, 13.56MHz HF Smart RFID Sticker is working at 13.56MHz frequency, which means the high reaction speed can avoid unable reading situation. Moreover, 13.56MHz HF Smart RFID Sticker is one-time used sticker with 3M glue, which enables itself to be stuck on books more convenient and stabilized. Thirdly, but not least, 13.56MHz HF Smart RFID Sticker is made of paper material with silkscreen which is easier to customized in printing and size. Consequently, 13.56MHz HF Smart RFID Sticker can be customized with various pattern or printing ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and call number on the label. To be specific, 13.56MHz HF Smart RFID Sticker is recorded the basic information about the books in the library. 

Rfid sticker

Owing to the help of 13.56MHz HF Smart RFID Sticker, searching books’ information can be completed quickly as the rfid sticks are identified by the reader in an extremely brief period. The use of 13.56MHz HF Smart RFID Sticker, for the most part, improves to saving the file efficiency. Apart from these, the label plays an important role in identification, inventory statistics and tracking management system.

In a nutshell, managers are qualified in administrating inventory in good order and effectively by using 13.56MHz HF Smart RFID Sticker. RFID which has devoted itself to rfid industry for more than 10 years will stick at putting more enthusiasm and resources into technique researching and development.
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