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RFID tag

15 Mar 2017
RFID tag3

Technology and environmental protection, has always been to the brothers, in the spring, the growth of all things spring, as a telecom representative of technology products, jungle wolf technology Co.,Ltd also can not bear a sad Move the heart, want to embrace the green.Therefore, there is a RFID tag and small saplings stunning meet. Do not look at the small chip, but it has this magical function.

RFID tag1

This small chip is equivalent to each tree's identity card, set up in the woods wireless sensor network, a large number of real-time network nodes to collect forest temperature, humidity,

Light, gas concentration, tree growth and a variety of disaster indicators, and transmitted to the management platform.The information management system will analyze the soil moisture, nutrients, PH value, deodorization and other suitable environment for tree growth based on dynamically monitored tree growth changes.

RFID tag2

Information, to promote the standardization of forest cultivation, digital and network, to achieve the management of forest management information and modernization, to create a piece of "information forest" "wisdom forest" .

Next, we will be able to monitor the growth of these small trees at home in real time.

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