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RFID tags how to resist metal interference

15 Nov 2017

RFID tag is radio frequency identification tag, using radio waves for data transfer, 

it's a contactless automatic identification technology. It has widely used in manufacturing,

logistics, identification, retail, medical, anti-fake security and other fields now. 


Though RFID technology application is very wide, and its requirement for enviroment is not so high, 

but the radio waves of the RFID tags are susceptible to metal interference, and will influencethe tags 

on the normal reading of the radio, even they will miss the reading. Then is there a way to solve the 

metal's interference on the RFID tags? 

At present, the most commonly used method is to affix a layer of magnetic absorbing material on the back 

of the RFID tag. The magnetic permeability of the absorbing material is usually higher than that of the metal material, 

so they can change the magnetic field environment of the RFID tag. Adjusting the tag and reader to the same frequency 

allows the RFID tag to perform normal read operations. This tag is the so-called anti-metal RFID tag.

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