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Woven bracelet rfid

09 May 2017


An RFID chip can be embeded into a variety of media devices including a bracelet, lanyard, 
card and many more. We recommends using fabric woven bracelet rfid for optimal guest 
convenience and durability. The RFID tag is integrated into a plastic saddle that easily 
slides onto the wristband. The larger the saddle, the easier and faster the RFID tag can be 
read by the antenna, resulting in an enhanced guest experience. 

If your event offers multiple access credential types and privileges or different day passes,it is 

very important that each access type features a different wristband design with the access type 

written directly onto the wristband. Don't forget that your fans also want to know they've received 

the correct wristband type before placing it on their wrist before arrival.

Woven bracelet rfid

Woven bracelet rfid2

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