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RFID wristband technology

24 Jul 2017
Since RFID technology in the past was not enough mature, the old Chinese RFID Wristbands underperform in leisure parks, sporting events and trade shows. Nowadays, as the new generation products, the RFID Wristbands offer the newest level of automation to make most of guests and event attendees enjoy the superior service and efficient events management, such as water world, sauna, resort and spa.

Due to the majority of guests arrive during the parks’ first few hours, which can lead to a common dilemma like congested line. Wearing the new generation RFID Wristbands with unique ID sealed, the guests can enter into the water world and no longer need to carry the tickets or cash. And they can also access to the assigned locker by simply presenting smart RFID Wristbands to RFID Reader. Besides, adopting the advanced RFID technology, RFID Wristband for event management is waterproof, heat-resistant, reusable and gives more secure and personalized experience to visitors of hotel, casinos, resorts, membership-based clubs and conventions.

In virtue of the flexibility, the latest RFID Wristbands with reading range from 10cm up to 1m are customized. Certainly, with a sponsorship logo, RFID Wristband can leave a huge awareness impact on users and can provide additional revenues.

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