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RFID wristbands implemented in the resort

15 Nov 2017
RFID wristbands is a convenient and durable wear on the wrist above the smart RF shaped card varieties.

RFID Wristbands electronic label selection of environmentally friendly silicone material, comfortable to wear, and beautiful appearance, with decorative; can be divided into disposable wrist strap and reusable wristbands.

Our company specializing in the manufacture of RFID wristbands and production wristbands and personal RFID (radio frequency identification technology, communication technology), the main role of this wristbands is To help users in the consumer life, such as: food consumption, bath sauna, swimming fitness, do not have to produce membership cards, easy to carry management.

RFID wristbands

RFID wristbands application The resort currently implements RFID smart wristbands system, providing guests with electronic access control, keyless entry into hotel rooms and electronic payments.

Each smart wrist strap contains 13.56 MHz passive RFID wristbands labels. Each guest's RFID wristband tag has a unique ID code that matches the guest's billing, hotel locks, entry gates and point-of-sale RFID readers.

From the top left clockwise: reader, tablet, locator, RFID tag, hoveread handheld When the guest registers into the hotel, he / she will get a smart wristband. Single day visitors can also purchase tickets on the water park online, with print receipts or show their purchase numbers on their smartphones, will also receive smart wristbands. reported that the smart wrist strap is waterproof, unlike the magnetic stripe key card, not subject to demagnetization.

Now, our guests can use the wristbands to enter the resort park and Commodity purchases, transactions faster, reduce the time spent waiting in line. "
Smart wrist straps can be customized and support full color printing of the company's brand, graphics and text. The RFID wristbands has a variety of materials, including plastic, silicon and fabric, and can provide one-time use of single-day tickets or wear patterns of season tickets.
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