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reusable RFID wristbands

15 Nov 2017

Available in either disposable or reusable type, the RFID wristbands is an ideal selection for both the Healthcare Industry and the Recreational Market. The RFID wristbands will not be took off until it is broken, and the reusable one is waterproof and heat-resistant for long term use. 
In additions to the disposable and reusable one, this RFID wristbands can be made in passive or active frequency type. Read/write distances for the passive RFID wristbands vary based on body type, ranging from a maximum of 5 m to a minimum of 1 cm. And the active RFID wristbands can be detected from up to 100 m away.
The all-purpose RFID wristbands can produce a robust RFID solution for people tracking since every wristband comes with a unique ID code. These smart wristbands are ideal for access control in the fields of amusement park, correctional facilities, swimming pool and hospital, etc. Besides, it is available in women, man or children size.

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