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Medical RFID wristbands

03 May 2017

Medical RFID wristbands, also known as medical identification wristband, is a kind of wristbands, mainly used in the medical field.

Medical RFID wristbands can provide patient identification information, is the latest requirements of the Ministry of Health content layout items, 

including: name, gender , Bed number, hospital number and other medical special requirements of the information is mainly the hospital to identify

the patient an effective tool for the market to have a variety of medical use simple, fast buttons, easy to fall off, wear comfortable, colorful, Beautiful features, 

widely used in hospitals of all sizes, especially for the elderly, young, sick, surgical patients and self-expression of the ability of patients, and to prevent the infants, 

infants and young times occur, to avoid the lack of bedside card The Identification, can identify the baby, so that he is not confused with other babies, so as to avoid the tragedy 

Information reminder, so that family members real-time understanding of baby dynamics.

Medical RFID wristbands

Hospital tracking managers can find the baby through the system in the specific location of the hospital Closed area alarm, when the baby into the restricted area, the system automatically alert to remind the management in order to ensure the safety of the baby

Anti-theft reminder When the baby appears away from the hospital area, the system automatically alert to remind the emergency situation.
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