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The thermal printable rfid wristband

15 Nov 2017
The thermal printable rfid wristband is a secure and cost effect way to identify an individual in a quick and reliable way. 

Thermal printable rfid wristband helps to provide embed text or variable data at a point of entry. 

Thermal printable rfid wristband produces fine quality print and enables good scan ability. 

Thermal printable rfid wristband printer uses direct thermal technology and prints barcode & time sensitive information such as date and time. 

More features in thermal printable rfid wristband are that they are strong, lightweight, tamper-evident, nontransferable, phthalate free, latex free, and antimicrobial coating helps to secure skin against non-pathogenic bacteria. 

Thermal printable rfid wristband has extensive application in the healthcare industry such as the hospital, amusement, water-park, nightclub, cruise, sports event and much more. Thermal printable rfid wristband in medical environment improves speed and accuracy of the hospital task by allowing scanning and printing of patients information and barcodes directly on the wristband. 

Amusement and Attraction enable cashless pint of sale and access management.
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