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Waterproof disposable RFID wristband

15 Nov 2017
What's the performance of disposable RFID wristband? Is it waterproof? This is a professional problem.

The waterproof of the disposable RFID wristband is mainly decided by the material of the disposable RFID wristband. But almost all the disposable RFID wristband on the market are waterproof at present. 

Like tyvek medical wristband, they used waterproof and breathable tyvek, it's not easy to tear. 

Like PVC wristband, is also waterproof PVC. 

Like a thermal print wristband or a carbon wristband, the middle layer is composite, but the surface with a layer of waterproof membrane. But the carbon belt printed wristband is thermal transfer printing, the waterproof performance is slightly worse than the thermal wristband. If it is waterproof ribbon material, then the effect will be better. 

Plastic disposable wristband, not to mention, is naturally waterproof. 

The RFID wristband with market potential, waterproof performance depends on the attached media. Such as embedded in the thermal wristband or silicone wristband. 

Therefore, as a product throughout the patient's entire hospital cycle, the disposable wristband is waterproof, which is a basic feature.

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