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different frequency for RFID

08 May 2017
RFID wireless video technology is a kind of data stored in the electronic data carrier, and through the magnetic field or electromagnetic field to two-way wireless communication, so as to achieve the purpose of data exchange. Because RFID tags have the characteristics of harsh environments, high accuracy, security, flexibility and scalability, and security, it is precisely because of these, RFID tags are now widely used in major neighborhoods, especially Logistics and delivery, warehousing and other industries. So, the rfid electronic tags which bands on the choice of what? Different bands of electronic tags and what is the difference?
Low frequency
Low frequency electronic tags, the use of the band range of 1 0 K H z ~ 1 M H z, the common main specifications are 125KHz, 135KHz and so on. Its bit is not affected by the placement of the location, because the system technology is mature, read and write equipment terminal machine mediated a low, but its drawback is to read the range of short distance, and storage space is small. Handset

high frequency
High frequency electronic tags use the frequency range of 1MHz ~ 400MHz, the common main specifications for the 13.56MHz this ISM band. And low frequency compared to its faster transmission speed, and the system technology is also more mature, read the terminal equipment prices are low, in the RFID applications, the most common.

Long high frequency electronic tags using the frequency range of 400MHz ~ 1GHz, common main specifications are 433MHz, 868 ~ 950MHz. Tag read distance of about 3 ~ 1 0 m faster transfer rate, read away from the far, faster information transmission, and can simultaneously read and identify a large number of labels, it is particularly suitable for logistics and supply chain management field. However, the security features of the band in general, the price of its reading and writing equipment is very expensive, the cost of application and maintenance is also high.
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