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festival RFID wristbands

13 Apr 2017

These festival RFID wristbands are suitable for various entertainment industries including amusement parks, festival parties, swimming pool, and cruise. These festival RFID wristbands can provide audience with convenience and security in entertainment industry, since each smart wristband has a unique ID to track the audience. 

Festival RFID wristbands

Available in 125KHz or 13.56MHz working frequency, the charts of the festival LF RFID wristbands tag are available in the Hitag family, EM4100, TK4100; as for the HF versions, they are compatible with the Mifare family, I-CODE, Ti 256 as well as INSIDE 2K. With the button design, once these festival wristbands are worn on the wrists of the audiences, they will be not easy to fall. 
These contactless festival RFID wristbands have read and write capabilities within 2cm to 10cm depending on the RFID reader.
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