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silicone RFID wristbands

23 Mar 2017

Description for silicone RFID wristbands
Material :silicone
Color: blue, red, black, white, yellow, grey, pink, etc
Feature for silicone RFID wristbands:
Closed wristband, flexible, easy to wear, convenient, waterproof, moisture proof, shockproof, thermal tolerant

Chip for silicone RFID wristbands:

LF chips(125KHz):TK4100,EM4102,EM4200,T5577,etc
HF chips(13.56MHz):FM11RF08,Mifare1 S50,Mifare1 S70,Mifare Ultralight,I-CODE2,TI2048,SRI512,etc
UHF chips(860MHz-960MHz):UCODE GEN2,ALIEN H3,IMPINJ M4,etc

Application: widely used in full of moisture place such as natatorium, cold storage, campus, amusement part, bus, entrance guard system, field work, etc. even soak in water over a long period of time, it can be normally used as well.

silicone RFID wristbands

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