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the difference between led wristbands and rfid wristbands

30 Mar 2017
What the Difference Between Remote Control led Wristbands and RFID wristbands? How Many types led Wristbands can Also Have Two Functions Same Time?

led Wristbands

About the remote control led wristbands and the RFID wristbands are independent of each other and coexist also, They can not interact and our bracelet can have two function( remote control and RFID) at the same time.

1.What the Meaning of the Remote control led wristbands: 

About our Remote control led wristbands are different in material and  flashing colors, by the way our led wristband also the same in function.our led wristbands can flashing 15colors, red–green–blue–pink–white–yellow–light blue–light green–purple–orange–light pink–aqua blue–light yellow–dark green–light red–off.

All led wristbands controlling by one controller within the related controlling distance and flashing the same color at the same time.

RFID wristbands

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