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Remote controlled LED bracelets Creat your own custom light show

20 Jan 2017


Extraordinary customizations of products – even ordinary products – is what’s made us such a recognized and respected name in our industry. But as SWAG artists, we love when we get the chance to do innovative customizations on innovative products. And that’s definitely the case with custom remote controlled LED bracelets!

The premise is very simple, but when you see them out in public, they capture your attention and hold it. Here’s why – these custom remote controlled LED bracelets can be controlled to create live, impressive visual spectacles with the click of a button.

Imagine a nightclub filled with partiers, listening to the hottest DJ, each of them wearing custom remote controlled LED bracelets that have been programmed to blink to the beat of the music!  Or even more impressive, imagine a NBA arena or football stadium as the lights go out and your branded bracelets, on thousands of screaming fans, turn them into the most impressive light show ever. Yes, it’s real!


These super cool bracelets come in various styles. Some can blink to the rhythm of the music, with one color, the more basic model, or others that can be manually controlled to flash, change colors(15), or flash to the music, the stepped up version. With the latter version, make half the audience light up in blue while the other half lights up in pink or turn the entire arena turn red… you’re in complete control of the show. 

Minimum order quantities start at 250 units. Additional zones can be added to the programmable bracelets, for every 500 units ordered. Our factory-direct prices depending upon the quantity ordered. Controllers can be re-uesd from your next order.

Still got questions… Call us at  86 595 22186808 to get your bracelet party started!

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