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The benefits of RFID wristband for cashless payments are many

20 Jan 2017


Industry reports indicate per cap spending increases of 18-25% when using an electronic payment credential.

By eliminating cash or "out of apron" transactions, shrinkage and other cash drawer discrepancies are greatly reduced.

RFID wristband increases the accessibility a guest has to his/her wallet, which enables convenient spending and encourages impulse purchases throughout the facility. Guests also have the ability to set daily limits for children to encourage responsible spending. And since RFID wristband is always on the wrist, cash is never lost.

Transactions are faster than cash, which reduces the length of time guests spend waiting to make a purchase, instead of enjoying other amenities.

The convenience of RFID wristband provides easy spending opportunities at multiple locations including food and beverage outlets, gift shops, vending machines, and business service centres. 

Security is also enhanced. Unlike debit cards, RFID wristband is a non-transferable, secure credential that prevents unauthorised access to a spending account.

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