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Multi color Led wristband for Canada customers

07 Jul 2021

I found he is looking for a on/off switch led bracelet on web in July 2016, then I sent our pictures to the customers. What a surprise! He replied so quick and said he is very interested in our led bracelet.Then we talk about some details with the bracelet and price via Email. About half past month, finally we reached an agreement.

Three months later, we get closed with each others, and we learned from he main business is Event party decoraction, import China. It seems not our aim customers, he is very busy everyday, I sent so many email to him but get no response,but I never give up to follow with him and share some interesting 
So long times I wait ...when I felt down he was just forget me, he finally reply and ready place the second order for me and say he was been to another place for business so delay

Till now, he is one of my VIP customer,we keep in touch and deal with so many business(some for air shipping , some for DHL)he re-order twice a month.I felt so grateful. And he is gonna take our led bracelet into their main business, we chat in whatsApp.. Then he become lazy, and I busy, the email just leave the PI and Tracking No every order I sent to him.

For his every order, I treat so serious, he is a man who need order so urgently but confirm order so lately cause busy, every night just finished all thing and reply me with the order, it’s not easy cause every order we need to talk untill 2-3am and then I can go back home and sleep.Moreover one our holiday my colleague all come back home and I still work in the factory and help him to arrange shipping for his goods cause he said is very urgently!
We become a good friend, once we go outside for trip or for eating, we will share pictures each others, for business we trust each others, he trust me I will help arrange his order for fast delivery, and I trust him will make payment for us.For more our friendship the last I want to share to you is now I learned hard in Spanish cause I want to give customers a surprise and at the same time he also reply me he learn Chinese as well.We always felt happy! We gain win-win.

He is your effort and best service to me and I don't need to worry everything


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