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Share a story between my customer and me

07 Jul 2021

Our manager always tell us that as a sale we nend to be patient. so that we can offer our customer better service.

Here I would like to share a story between my customer and me.
Her name is Sarah,come from UK. Sarah use the keyword “nfc bracelet” inquiried our nfc bracelet.
I give her a reasonable price ( near to our cost price), offer her three suitable shipping method.
 1.DHL   $XXX   short deliver 3-5days,easy custom clearance.
 2.EMS   $XXX   cheaper than DHL,need 10-15days.
 3.by sea   $XXX  cheapest,but long deliver 15-18days and custom clearance by herself.
 4.if she have her own shipping agent, we can also use hers agent.
i hope i can offer all the usefull informations that my customers needed, so it will save my customers time. Sarah choose shipping by DHL and she think the time is value.
then,Sarah asked me about the logo.
firstly, i email her to send me her logo for check. .
then,send her the pictures and tell her :
1.laser logo: $XXX/ pc,
2.print logo: $XXX/ pc,
3.engrave logo: $XXX/ pc,
Sarah choose print logo to save the cost,  And we delivery the goods on time sucessfully.

We are good friend now.

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