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Seize every opportunity, seize even test order

07 Jul 2021

We would like to share the experience for a order from an overseas customer .

Back to August 2016 18:00pm (time to out of office), Mr Dennis sent us one urgent inquiry for 2200pcs Remote Controlled led bracelet.

We asked his Skype under our first replying mail, then chat with him on line. Since his urgent purchase, and our quick professional reply. 

With our continous effort & good service, Mr Dennis brought us 2200 pieces for remote controlled led bracelet. And we sent out the goods on time. 

And Mr Dennis was happy with the bracelets, the build quality, the shipping, the professionality from our side and how fast they got them.

He promise will place more bigger order remote controlled led bracelet in near future. we believe our business will continuely grow. 

Seize every opportunity, you seize the order!

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